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XL’s up to the end of January1964 had both 144 and 170 cubic inch engines. The 170 engines came in High Compression version while the 144 came in both High and Low Compression versions.

They were equipped with 3 speed Manual Transmissions that had no synchro in 1st gear, or the 2 speed Automatic Transmissions.


Each Engine and Transmission code had it’s own prefix stamped on the passenger side shocker tower. These codes are listed below.

ZSH = High Compression 144 cu in, Manual Transmission

ZAH = High Compression 144 cu in, Automatic Transmission

QSH = High Compression 170 cu in, Manual Transmission

QAH = High Compression 170 cu in, Automatic Transmission

ID Plate

XL Model ID Plates changed from the way the codes were stamped on the XK model

XL Falcons were made in four production plants listed below.

R -Broadmeadows

S -Sydney

B -Brisbane

F -Fremantle

Month Codes for 1962 to the end of 1964 are listed below

A - Jan
B - Feb
C - March
D - April
E - May
F - June
G - July
H - August
I - September

O - October
X - November

Y - December

Year Codes  

B - 1962

C - 1963

D - 1964

Paint Codes  


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